#ToogetherInZanzibar VLOG • DAY 3

By on 2 Marzo 2018

First day of excursions outside Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort for the crew. In half an hour we were at Jozani Forest where monkeys surrounded us while we were crossing their habitat. Then we moved to the mangroves forest and then back again at the resort’s white beach where…


#ToogetherInZanzibar VLOG • DAY 2

By on 1 Marzo 2018

We woke up at our beloved Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort with bad weather. It was rainy but as our ladies says “We’re born ready”, so just the time to say jambo! to the resort’s staff and we started to produce! Today Spa and Wellness treatments. It’s a hard…


#ToogetherInZanzibar VLOG • DAY 1

By on 28 Febbraio 2018

The forward journey has been quite long but funny as usual! Our new friends Francesca Novello, Sara Pagliaroli and Carmen Rodriguez finally joined the team officially! Also our two new drone pilots Eugenio and Paolo dressed the Toogether’s jersey for the very first time.


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One year later…

By on 26 Febbraio 2018

And here we are. Finally, almost exactly one year later, we’re coming back to Zanzibar and this time it’s gonna be a blast!
In 2017 we made the very first campaign at Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort, shooting video and pictures for the web and social project. This year we’re…

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